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Peace of mind and child safety go hand in hand.

At Treker, we’re not just developers and engineers. We’re parents. And like you, the well-being of our kids means everything. That’s why child safety is at the core of our technology and our company. We also know that not all of us are tech whizzes, so we keep it simple at every tap, swipe and click.

The Treker real-time communication platform puts power in the hands of those who have a hand in school travel: bus drivers, school admins, transportation directors and, importantly, you. This robust platform includes a driver tablet and an admin portal, but as a parent, you’ll want to take a good look at TrekCheck and the Treker app.

  • TrekCheck

    This is the industry’s only hands-free bus check-on system, and it’s also the industry's most accurate. With TrekCheck, simply clip our fob onto a backpack and your child can climb on and off the bus without scanning or swiping a card. This means kids board and un-board faster, which prevents log-jams in or around the bus. TrekCheck even alerts the driver if a rider accidentally attempts to get off at the wrong stop. To top it off, the fob is encrypted and turns off when not in use, so your little one can’t be tracked or traced.

  • Parent app

    With the Treker app, the knowledge that your child is safe sits in the palm of your hand. It's easy to use, and has plenty of bells and whistles. Set your app to receive a heads-up prior to the bus arriving, so you’ll know exactly when to leave for the bus stop. Receive a notification every time your child checks on and off the bus. Track the bus in a real-time map view. You can even let the driver and school know if your child isn’t riding the bus that day. All this and more, right at your fingertips.

  • TrekAlert

    We worked closely with the California Highway Patrol and district officials to implement a child safety alert system that ensures no kids are accidentally left on a bus at the end of a shift. With TrekAlert, drivers must press a button at the back of the bus within three minutes of turning off the vehicle. This ensures the driver walks the full length of the bus interior prior to leaving the vehicle unattended. If the button is not pushed, an alarm is triggered—interior and exterior lights flash, and the horn honks until the system is reset. When deployed with our communication platform, an emergency message is immediately sent to school officials and local law enforcement. No other solution offers kids this degree of protection.


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